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American Craftsmanship


The Rod & Rifle Bourbon Whiskey recipe is distinctively designed and produced for the Great American Outdoorsman. Bourbon drinkers have always enjoyed, championed and preserved America’s great outdoors.  Rod & Rifle combines the highest quality ingredients with time honored American craftsmanship and tradition. Rod & Rifle Bourbon includes a Contribution to National and State Wildlife Conservation Groups and Organizations, Sportsmen, Hunting and Fishing Clubs and a Great Tasting, 88 Proof, Bourbon Whiskey.



The Distillery was selected to produce Rod & Rifle Bourbon, Rod & Rifle Rye and Rod & Rifle American Blended Whiskey due to its rich history and tradition. Rod & Rifle Bourbon is distilled, aged in new charred white oak barrels for a rich smooth taste. Rod & Rifle Rye Whiskey is distilled, aged in new charred white oak barrels and bottled to create a high quality 84-proof Rye Whiskey for outdoor enthusiasts. We merge our knowledge of great bourbon and rye to hand craft our 80 proof Rod & Rifle Whiskey.  Unlike other whiskey's, we do not use Neutral Grain Spirits when producing Rod & Rifle.

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