Rod & Rifle Whiskey


US Congressional Definition


American Blended Whiskey: A blend of which at least 20 percent is 100 proof straight whiskey.  The rest of the blend may include other whiskey and/or neutral spirits. A small amount of sherry may also be added.





What Makes Rod and Rifle Blended Whiskey the Perfect Whiskey for the Great Outdoors?


Rod & Rifle Whiskey is perfectly priced and produced for “Outdoor Enthusiasts”.   We merge our knowledge of great bourbon and rye to hand craft our 80 proof Rod & Rifle Whiskey.  Unlike other whiskey's, we do not use Neutral Grain Spirits when producing Rod & Rifle.


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Value Added Benefits

80 Proof 750ml

100% Aged Whiskey

Contribution to National and State Wildlife Conservation Groups and Organizations



Tasting Notes

Rich copper color; tastes of buttery pecans, dried fruit and sweet jams; outstanding consistency and outdoorsy taste; wraps up with a peppercorn and “Camp Fire Smokey Finish”.





Hunters & Anglers Outnumber Motor Sports Fans 2 to 1!





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